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The homie @therealthunda

Night cap w/ a Dab

Grav Labs Gold Label Glass Bong with Slitted Percolator Price:$250.00

Use Code:KLW24KHD at

Limited Edition Grav Labs Bong!

  • Made in the USA, ships from the USA
  • High grade borosilicate glass
  • Slitted percolator
  • Mouthpiece with thick mouth plate
  • Extra thick glass foot
  • 14.5mm glass bowl with glass rollstopper
  • Gold label on mouthpiece and downstem

Hitman – Phase Two Mini Sidecar Bubbler with Brilliance Perc – Red Logo - 10mm ONLY 1 LEFT!  

Price:$200.00  Use code: KLW24KHD for 10% off 

Classic Oil Rig by Hitman Glass!

  • Made in the USA, ships from the USA
  • High-grade borosilicate glass
  • Fixed downstem with brilliance perc and 10mm male joint
  • Top load female 10mm vapor dome included
  • Flared sidecar mouthpiece
  • Red Hitman logo on body, mouthpiece and vapor dome
  • Nail is not included with your purchase 

Oh do I thank you for THC&CBDs